Australian Bush Regeneration After Fire 

As fires continue to burn across the country, it can be difficult to stay positive in the face of so much devastation. With so many distressing images flashing across our screens, one thing that has really cheered us up recently are the photos being posted of the bushfire regrowth. 

So, what happens to the environment after a bushfire? With an estimated one billion animals impacted by fire and 8.4m hectares of land burnt across the country to date this season, is it possible for an entire ecosystem to recover?

Yes bushfire regeneration is possible and yes it is happening in Australia now.

How Do Plants Regrow After A Bushfire?

While some plants are killed by fire, many just appear that way. They may lose their leaves and be visibly scarred by fire, but underneath the blackened soil the plants are still growing. When the green appears out of the black it is called a “repsrouter.”

And although the bushfire season is still raging, bushfire regrowth is already visible in the Blue Mountains National Park with eucalypt buds and hardy grass trees adding splashes of colour.

“The resprouters don’t necessarily need rain because the tree or the shrub is still alive, so the moisture still in the tree can be the impetus for the new growth. The bark was enough protection — it was enough insulation — to actually protect those little buds living under the bark.” –  Dr Bell, Fire Ecologist

Other plants can take longer to recover because they need to regrow from seeds but rangers are hopeful.

Bushfire Recovery Resources 

If you need immediate support please contact one of the following free services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

  • Mental Health Line – 1800 011 511
  • Lifeline – 13 11 14
  • Mensline – 1300 789 978
  • Kids Helpline – 1800 55 1800
  • Beyondblue – 1300 22 4636

Regional Development Australia Far South Coast has compiled a comprehensive list of disaster recovery resources for individuals and businesses.

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